Journals General Guidelines for All Submissions

  • 8P Publications is dedicated to providing opportunities to new talented authors and creators; as such, each submission will be evaluated based on its own merits and not prior publishing credits.
  • All submissions will be considered, however; published authors and creators are invited to submit previously unpublished works.
  • The publishing world is a harsh mistress, so submission of your work to multiple journals is fine by us; please let our editorial staff know immediately if your work is accepted for publication elsewhere, so we may remove it from the review queue.
  • The list of prospective authors is lengthy, and our editorial staff is small; response times vary from four weeks to “a really long time.”
  • We will respond to every submission, but cannot provide detailed critique comments on your work.
  • At this time, we are unable to compensate authors and creators with actual or virtual currency; if your piece is published in immemorial adumbration, you will receive a complimentary copy of the journal in which your piece appears.
  • 8P secures one-time printing rights and optional mechanical rights (for possible publication on the web or in an electronic version of the journal) to your work; authors retain all ownership and other rights.

Journals — Prose and Poetry Submissions

  • The tone of both immemorial adumbration and intentional intimation tends toward dark satire; poems about colorful fields of blossoms and prancing, fluffy bunnies are deleted sight-unseen.
  • That said, life is not all bad, and ours is not a bleak journey into existential nothingness; works should close in such a way that the reader could, if she makes a mental effort, view the conclusion as positive in some respect.
  • Works including references to robots or ogres are moved to the top of the review pile; yes, we know this is unfair.
  • While our journals are forums for short prose and poetry, there are no requirements on length; if your piece is actually a novella or an epic poem, however, we may suggest it be published as a standalone chapbook.
  • Submissions are accepted as email attachments only, in a file format that can be opened by Microsoft Word (plain text, rich text, or Word formats, for example); within your document and your submission email, include your name and full contact information.

Prose and poetry submissions should be directed to

Journals — Photography and Other Art Submissions

  • Photographs and other art pieces in immemorial adumbration are printed in greyscale. Because color pieces often lose their impact when translated to greyscale, color images will not be considered for printing in immemorial adumbration.
  • Both color and greyscale images will be considered for publication in the online journal intentional intimation.
  • Pieces should be submitted as email attachments in a common image file format (e.g., jpg, tiff, etc.). Please do not submit images as PDFs, RAW files, or in proprietary software file formats (e.g., Photoshop, Pixelmator, etc.).

Photography and other art submissions should be directed to

Longer Form Works

8P Publications is not accepting submissions of longer works (novels, non-fiction books, graphic fiction, etc.) at this time.  Announcements will be made on this web site’s main page and via the email alert list once this changes.